We are looking for new customers

by ecommmaxcom

We had a skype meeting this morning. we have decided to find more customers to get bigger data for the prototype.
But wait a minute  i have started this blog form the middle let me tell a bit  about our self’s and what is this blog about.

My Name is Dror Arbel Internet marketer from 1996. actually my background in digital marketing starts before internet days,I have started my profession as a 3D artists at a Computer based training company . It was called multimedia, Back in 1993 this was a big hype. we made Multimedia presentations on 1.44 Mb disks . So the challenge was to stuff the presentation into on disk. believe me it was a challenging task. after we had the great graphic we had to convert it to 16 bit and still keep it viable.In 1995 the internet became the hot thing and we all starts to work on Internet sites . In this days we made 5 Html pages for $15K and were very proud about it. 6 years ago i decided that i am tired from all the Web design business and  i started to focus on internet marketing. I build some jewelry sites around the world and had some deals with jewelry makers. over the years i found how complected is this internet marketing process. at the beginning i decided to focus on Google and Bing PPC  i spend a lot of money the sales were OK but the problem was that i couldn’t get to  a  profitable price for sale. After a year my business partners have decided stop investing money in PPC and we decided to focus on Organic traffic, We invested on link building after 3 months we climbed to the second place on Google for a very competitive term but then came the Google panda and through us from the search results. i had to start from scratch i uploaded my products to AMAZON and started to build business from bottom to top. during the years i had a lot pf conventions  with e-shop owners as me and we all asked the same question ” Is internet marketing really works?”. As you know there out there  a lot of optimization tools for PPC Management. There are tools for social management. and even tools or agencies for SEO (Search engine optimization)  but you as a Small business owner ask your self the question were to start were to invest my efforts and not to Bankrupt how to build a business plan for my online business that will guide me step by step on my moves

3 months ago i met my partners Gil Dar (Amdocs, IBM) and Yuval Ginzberg ( Comverce, Nice) and we have decided to develop  a toll that will be ” GPS for online Business” a toll that will guide you in the long gurney of building a profitable online business.

We decided to build our company in bootstrap model , That mean we will tailor our product to our customers needs. Since i have some experience selling jewelry online  we are looking for online jewelry business that need our help leveraging there online jewelry shops , So if you know someone that need our services please contact me through email dror@ecommmax.com